Articles that have been tagged 'environmental control technology'

  • 8 April 2008

    Emissions trading for ships ‘inevitable’

    The European Parliament’s transport committee is expected to approve a report calling for the inclusion of shipping in the European Union’s emissions trading scheme.

  • 8 April 2008

    Sock on a stack steps up emission control stakes

    The California-based company Advanced Cleanup Technologies has patented a system it claims can be used instead of cold ironing and other on board technologies to remove NOx, SOx and particulate emissions when a vessel is in p...

  • 4 April 2008

    Göteborg joins world's main ports in climate challenge

    The port of Göteborg has joined forces with 13 of the world’s largest ports, including Rotterdam, in an initiative to reduce ship’s emissions and combat climate change, for which the ports plan to sign a climate declaration i...

  • 4 April 2008

    Industry applauds air emission decision

    The World Shipping Council has praised the International Maritime Organization for its decision on new rules to "effectively address vessel air emissions" and has pledged full support for the scheme.

  • 30 March 2008

    IMO environment meeting to consider revised regulations on ship emissions

    The Marine Environment Protection Committee of the International Maritime Organization is expected to finalize and approve proposed amendments to the MARPOL Annex VI regulations to reduce harmful emissions from ships, when it...

  • 29 March 2008

    Can coal live up to its clean promise?

    Coal is our cheapest and most abundant source of fossil-fuel energy, but is there a way to get the energy without the emissions?

  • 28 March 2008

    Teekay and IM Skaugen win carbon capture deal

    IM Skaugen and Teekay have won a contract to provide the logistics for power firm RWE's plans to build two coal-fired power plants in the UK and extract CO₂ so it can be pumped into Tullow’s depleted Hewett gasfield in the so...

  • 26 March 2008

    Shipping unites on CO₂ plan

    Shipowners’ groups, classification societies and shipbuilders associations are preparing a comprehensive series of new proposals designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from shipping, A range of operational and market-ba...

  • 26 March 2008

    Swift IMO action urged on emissions

    Swift action to implement stricter air pollution rules for commercial vessels is being urged in advance of a meeting next week, of the Marine Environmental Protection Committee of the International Maritime Organization.

  • 25 March 2008

    Wärtsilä and MAN gear up for Hercules Beta

    Europe’s two leading engine makers, Wärtsilä and MAN Diesel, and a number of other engineering firms, universities and leading shipping companies are preparing to start the second phase of the EU-funded project, Hercules Beta...