Design & Operation of Container Ships

Taking place: 21 - 22 May 2014, London, UK

Summary: The recent period of rapid increase in the size of container ships presents unique challenges for owners, designers, operators and classification societies. This has been coupled with the persistent economic uncertainty and new legislation which has created an emerging need for more energy efficient vessels. These two, almost opposing trends, are driving innovation within the industry. Cost efficiency, flexibility, speed optimum, energy efficiency, geographical constraints on draft and beam, calculation of the vessels dynamic structural response including whipping and spring and stability must all be addressed in the new generation of container ships. Recent environmental issues have also generated a plethora of innovative technologies to reduce energy consumption and atmospheric emissions. To further investigate this aspect of the industry, RINA invites papers from naval architects, class societies, operators, researchers, and builders on all related topics, including: Design, Structure, Hydrodynamics, Stability, Operation, Lashing loads, Container handling, Feeder vessels, Hazardous cargoes, Propulsion, Energy Efficiency.


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